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Vereinigte Staaten Court House
Iran Law Cases

Presenting your cases in Iranian courts in following areas:

- Contract & Corporate Law

- Business Law and International Transactions

- Real Estate & Property Law

- Family and Inheritance Law

- Marriage and Divorce in Iran

- Child Custody

Männer Hände schütteln
Business Law Cases

Opening your company in Iran and step by step administrative and legal procedure for official business registration to enter to Iran market from Germany or other EU countries.

As a member of Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE)

we also provide legal consulting in all matters from Contract Law, Corporate Law, International Business Law for all those entities and legal persons who are looking for legal support in international cases.

Männlicher Student
Legal Seminars & Workshops

If you are an international law student or a young lawyer willing to improve your legal know how in International and EU law or intend to start or continue your studies, research or profession in EU legal matters, we provide you the most suitable short-term training programs as well as variable seminars and work shops to attend with a possibility of visiting beautiful cities in Europe. The international students from around the world will be benefit from student tarif.

Das Erreichen eines Deal
Your representative in Europe

If you already have a business outside Europe and have commercial relations with EU companies in order to purchase or sell the products or services, you will definitely need a representative person for initial negotiations and further correspondence to conclusion of a contract.

Our multilingual law firm based in heart of Europe, with a wide range of international legal knowledge in commercial contracts will support you for whole process.


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