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Ebrahimi Law Firm

with more than 15 years of professional experience in providing national and international legal services, will support you in all your legal and every day business matters.

We provide legal consulting in Iranian Law including Iranian Inheritance Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, Public International Law and International Business Law.

We work with specialists and legal experts in various areas of law.

Our experienced lawyers in Iran and Europe will represent your legal cases in Iranian courts and give you the best solution for your commercial disputes by negotiation and arbitration.



With two main offices in

Tehran and Hamburg

we are honoured to provide  you a very customized legal consultation to present your case in Iran. We saved hundreds of Real Estates, cash flows, commercial companies in Iran for our clients who do not have access to their property in Iran dealing with Inheritance cases, Civil cases, legal issues at the court or by other official authorities in Iran and for those Iranian Migrants who deal with discrimination and need legal help from an Iranian lawyer outside their country.

Consultation in the area of Family Law, inheritance, Custody Right, Human Right, International Business Law ,Contract & Corporate Law are some of our services to Iranian clients in all around the world.



Our respected clients from

Middle East, Europe, United States, are welcome to ask for an individual consulting in legal matters in Iran.

Iranians who reside in Europe or any country outside Iran who need support  for protecting their property or their family heritage in Iran are welcome to contact us.

We have many international clients from all around the world who have business and cooperation with Iranian companies, having property in Iran and looking for help in Administration and Management of their property in this country.

The legal entities, small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, legal and private persons might need legal advice from an

Iranian Lawyer outside Iran. 

Contact us for more information.



Hofweg 5

22085 Hamburg, Germany

Tel: +49(0)4055775065


Ebrahimi Law Firm in Tehran

Nr.37, Andishe 1, Sohrevardi ,Tehran , Iran

Tel: +98(0)21-71057147



Skype: Leila Ebrahimi Lawyer

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